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Unlock Your Trueself

From limitations to liberation, 

explore your inner world

& create the life you desire




Meet Veronique

Wellbeing & Mindfulness Coach | Energy Healer

I have a strong belief that everyone has a beautiful light within, waiting to shine, but internal blockages can often stop people from unlocking their full potential. I am here to show you the way of your deepest connection, helping you align your life choices with your heart desires. I believe that emotional blockages, conditioning, toxic beliefs and negative thoughts are layers that are often keeping humans away from their deepest desires and trueselves.  They prevent people living the life they truly desire


When I started to work on resolving these issues for myself, precisely healing my emotional wounds, clearing and expanding my energy field, it all changed. We traveled around the world as a family with our two daughters (they were 2 and 5 years old at the time), we lived in Europe for five years, we moved to the Canadian West Coast for three years, we bought a piece of land in an eco-community in Costa Rica and I spend valuable time with my kids everyday. I now take time for myself and do what matters the most for me


This profound journey towards the ultimate connection with my own being also transformed my professional life. After graduating from a renowned university in Business & Administration in 2006, my professional journey started in the Media Industry. But this wasn’t the life I wanted, I realized that I wasn’t interested in pursuing career goals, I preferred helping others with all my heart. My purpose discovery started when I made a professional change. I decided to start my yoga school in 2011 and teach in College in 2013. Since then, I have dedicated myself to helping others feel empowered and fulfilled through various mindfulness techniques (yoga, meditation, coaching, reiki & breathwork). 


My journey was sometimes a rocky road, but I embrace it fully. Every step helped me to connect deeper with my inner being, feeling unconditional love for my being, and choosing the life I desire. I know that the journey can be challenging; I feel you, I have been there. I am here to guide you to your trueself, showing you the way of awareness that leads to the life you deserve. I invite you to dive deep and explore, unleashing your true vibrancy and joy

Receive Véronique's guidance & energy healing 

I understand your worries and fears.

I was also hiding in a life that wasn’t made for me,

away from pure joy and deep fulfillment.

If this resonates with you… 

You lose your temper with your loved ones, even if this isn’t what you want.

You tried counselling and perhaps, had a few spiritual experiences, but nothing deeply changed your mindset and how you feel. 

You endured toxicity in your relationships at home or at work. You think you shouldn’t complain after all, you look pretty successful, but deep inside, you know there is something missing.  

You put others’ needs first and you never have time for yourself. One day you might get your life back, you think.

You dream of a stress-free lifestyle, but you feel it is impossible to get it. 

You desperately need your two-week holiday, your Netflix series, and/or your glass of wine to break out of your unfulfilled routine. And let’s be frank, you developed bad habits too at least “you can have a bit of fun at the end of your week”. 

You don’t even know what you enjoy doing anymore, you feel lost and empty. 

You worry about the future and feel wounded by your past 

Book the Tranformational Program

Your proven transformational program:
From limitations to liberation,
explore your inner world &
create the life you desire

I will guide you using the power of energy healing with wellbeing and mindfulness coaching tools.

The methods will vary on your journey’s needs, to allow an intuitive approach that listens to your soul desires. During this powerful healing process, you will release blocked emotions, traumas, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to make space for your purest YOU.

Essentially, you will invite: 


Awareness is one of my fav word! I believe that developing awareness is essential to make soul-aligned decisions (opposite to conditioned decisions). As you begin to be aware of your thoughts and emotions, you will naturally heal yourself. Your life will never be the same! As Eckhart Tolle said: “Awareness is the greatest agent for change." 

Emotional healing

“Research shows that you can’t run from a negative emotion; it’s important to face it head on,” Dr Laurie Santos. In our society, some emotions such as anger, are demonized. We have been told to not feel these emotions because they are “bad”. However, a blocked emotion leads to emotional trauma. Not surprising that almost everybody has experienced at least one emotional trauma in their life... You will learn to welcome all emotions and allow them to be (YES, no more blocking!) in a safe and loving space. Together we will heal your past emotional wounds by connecting with your inner child.


Healthy Habits

Healthy life habits have a direct correlation with overall wellbeing including emotional wellbeing. Together we will assess your general wellbeing and integrate healthy habits, such as nutrition and physical activities. Self-awareness will also help you determine what habits are right for you, because we are all wonderful unique beings! “But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: Let your body take care of you.” – Deepak Chopra 

Mindful Living

“Mindfulness gives you time. Time gives you choices. Choices, skillfully made, lead to freedom.” – Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Having a strong (and soothing!) mindfulness practice will highly contribute to develop self-awareness and being present. Mastering mindfulness techniques such as meditation and pranayama (breath) enhance your inner peace and overall happiness (and it is scientifically proven by many scientists notably by Dr Laurie Santos).  


When we judge, we complain or we resent, we are not acting in full love. When it happens, it is because there is a wounded part in us that requires compassion. Not forgiving ourselves, others or a situation can potentially lead to illness and addictions.

I will introduce you to the ancestral Forgivenesss Hawaiian ritual, Ho’oponopono, and here comes the healing.  



“Practicing gratitude is how we acknowledge that there's enough and that we're enough” - Brené Brown. Practicing Gratitude daily is definitely one of the most efficient ways to enhance your overall wellbeing. It means inviting Joy in your life and getting closer to your true self. You will get the meaningful tools that you need to integrate it in your routine. 

Book now

Karine, Canada

I had realizations during and after the sessions that allow me to release emotional blockages. These insights then provide me with guidance to make changes in my life. Every time, it's powerful and magical!

Gabriel, USA

"The session left me feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and more aligned with my inner self. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone seeking a transformative and uplifting experience."

Cedric, Canada

“Véronique has reached into my deep inner soul and healed many of my anxiety triggers."


Available virtually to connect with your energy wherever you are

Location in Point Grey, Vancouver at 

available on request

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