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Véronique Cardinal (She/Her) 

Reiki Master – Energy Healing Practitioner – Wellbeing Coach – Yoga/Meditation Teacher - Inner/Outer Explorer 

Véronique is a French native speaker from Montreal, Canada.

She lived many years in Brighton, UK and is now living in Vancouver, Canada. 

As Véronique is evolving in her life in her consciousness journey and shedding conditioned patterns, so does her work. Véronique experienced many career roles, starting from Marketing Manager to lecturer but her professional journey was shaped to become always more towards helping others. But it was never enough… Until she discovered herself through her WIL journey. Letting go of all the social and conditioned expectations was a relief. Véronique discovered that her life purpose is about guiding people in mindfulness for more than ten years, through different practices (coaching, yoga, and meditation).  

Véronique discovered the power of energy healing in 2017. She has been captivated by this incredibly underestimated gift that she has and decided to train herself as a Reiki Master in 2022. Véronique is extremely grateful to be a channel of energy and heal people. 

Véronique is an inner and outer explorer and a passionate learner. She has traveled to more than 50 countries and loves exploring. By discovering a new place, she discovers herself; important inner learning takes place every time and makes her grow.

Véronique believes that to free our inner self, we need to explore our emotional landscape. All emotions have an essential role in our personal growth and to raise our consciousness. Identifying the emotions, and locating the sensation in the body, but not labeling ourselves to it. Letting flow the emotion safely, in mindfulness. Releasing toxic beliefs, thoughts, and generational patterns are often required to get closer to our inner self. Véronique believes that working with energy is an extremely efficient way of freeing up ourselves and living a stress-free life. 

“Discovering my Wild inner light allowed me to feel connected with the life around me, showing myself as a vulnerable being to enhance the connection with others and the energy of life. Feeling universal love, practicing compassion and gratitude, and reaching the higher vibration states. Hence, I started to feel what comes from the ego, the persona or character, the one that comes with a whole system of beliefs, expectations, and emotional wounds. I progressively stopped reacting, and starting to use my thoughts and my emotions to shape my future by simply living in the present moment.” - Véronique 

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion” -Dalai Lama. 

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